About Us

Blossom Network is a Christian organisation that aids women of all ages to reach their full potential by helping them blossom; i.e. develop, flourish and prosper.  We empower women by reaching them with God’s love and increasing their skills, self-confidence and motivation to transform their lives. We hold inspirational seminars, personal development workshops and community outreach programmes to reach women who are hurting and vulnerable.  Our community activities include: self-confidence workshops, career advice, business, public speaking workshops, money management and sewing classes. 

Our mission is to help women of any age to blossom; that is, to develop, flourish and prosper. We believe that the basis of true esteem is the unconditional love of God and the unconditional worth that comes from knowing that we are created in the image of God.

We are working to achieve this mission through:

  • Blossom workshops and seminars – to help women to develop a true-esteem in Christ and raise transformational leaders.
  • Community outreach programmes – to reach women who are hurting and vulnerable in our community.

Founding Scriptures

“I will be like the dew to Israel; Israel will blossom like a lily, growing roots like the cedars of Lebanon.  Israel’s branches will spread out, and its beauty will be like an olive tree, with its scent like that of Lebanon. Those who live under its protection will surely return. Their grain will flourish; they will blossom like a vine, and Israel’s scent will be like wine from Lebanon” Hosea 14:5-7.